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The Neighborhood

City convenience in an oasis of green.
Just steps from Tennyson Street.

For city lovers who relish the convenience and vibrancy of a local main street, 5390’ delivers. The Tennyson Street business district is just out the door. Parks, playgrounds, trails and schools are all comfortably close. 5390’ makes leaving your car keys at home, walking to the park and biking to the bank a reality. And, of course, the Willis Case Golf Course surrounds 5390’. Anyone for a quick round of nine holes?

As a resident of 5390’, you’ll be part of a colorful history.

The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, or the Shriners, was created as the fun-loving alternative to its serious Mason counterpart in the 1850s. At that time, Americans were entranced by all things Moorish, especially a certain Arabic musical comedy that one of the founders, a well-known actor, modeled the organization after. The El Jebel (“The Mountain”) facility was built for Denver’s 5,000 Shriners in 1930 next to the Rocky Mountain Country Club.

Wondering about Willis Case? When this wealthy Denver stock broker, bachelor and avid golfer refused to marry his girlfriend in 1934, she put an end to him and then herself. Willis Case left $60,000 to Denver to build a golf course. The city purchased the El Jebel Rocky Mountain Country Club and adjacent Berkeley Park, creating the Willis Case Golf Course. So, now you know!

Schools/Educational Resources

Regis Campus - Photo Credit Brett Stakelin

Regis Campus - Photo Credit Brett Stakelin

Multiple public and private pre-K through college-level institutions close by, including North High School and Regis University.

Parks, Recreation and Fun

Willis Case Golf Course

You’re adjacent to Denver-owned Willis Case Golf Course, and a short trip to trails around Rocky Mountain Lake Park, Berkeley Lake, Creekside Park, Inspiration Point Park, Sloan’s Lake Park and Berkeley Dog Park. For the adventurous, Lakeside Amusement Park and all its art deco architecture is right down the street.

Dining and Shopping

Tennyson Street

Your go-to stop for dining, entertainment, galleries and shopping is nearby Tennyson Street. Check out the Tennyson Berkeley Business Association for a list of local hot spots.